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Institutional/Faculty level workshops in promoting Zoom Video Conferencing Services provided by LEARN

LEARN organizes a series of half-day workshops on "Facilitating Digital Conference Service to LEARN R&E Community" targeting faculty and researches in faculty/institutional level. LEARN effort is to make R&E community aware of the use of Digital Conferencing in R&E.

Digital Conferencing Facility (Zoom) received from BDREN Facilitating Distance Learning using Digital Conferencing Facility(fDLuDCf) of Asi@connect project provides enterprise-grade video conferencing facility that you can use for regular meetings, conferences, and distance learning/education. LEARN is going to provide a Zoom Pro account to individuals that allow to schedule/manage meetings them self.

The workshop is going to train faculty and researchers how to make use of Zoom in their R&E activities.

Venue: Seminar Room/Auditorium of respective institutes

Duration: half a day (3 hours)

Class size: 50+

Target group: Faculty and Researchers

Program Level: basic

Course fee: free of charge (refreshments will be provided)

Date: as announced in faculty/institutional level

Prerequisite: none

Note: We encourage you to come with your laptop and/or smartphone

Zoom Tutorial

For your knowledge on how to use Zoom and what Zoom can provides you please refer to the below Zoom user guide.