Presentation Schedule

First Session

Time Institute
9.00am - 10.30amUpdates from LEARN 1
Updates from LEARN 2

Second Session

Time Institute
11.00am - 11.10amUniversity of Peradeniya - All Connections
11.10am - 11.20am University of Moratuwa - All Connections
11.20am - 11.30amUniversity of Kelaniya - Faculty of Medicine
11.30am - 11.40amUniversity of Colombo School of Computing
11.40am - 11.50amUniversity of Sri Jayawardenepura - All Connections
11.50am - 12.00pmUniversity of Ruhuna - All Connections
12.00pm - 12.10pmRajarata University of Sri Lanka
12.10pm - 12.20pmOpen University of Sri Lanka
12.20pm - 12.30pmUwa Wellassa University
12.30pm - 12.40pmWayamba University of Sri Lanka - All Connections
12.40pm - 12.50pmSabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
12.50pm - 1.00pmUniversity of Jaffna - All Connections

Third Session

Time Institute
2.00pm - 2.10pmUniversity Grant Commission
2.10pm - 2.20pmBhiksu University of Sri Lanka
2.20pm - 2.40pmGeneral Sir John Kotelawala Defence University - All Connections
2.40pm - 2.50pmNERD Center
2.50pm - 3.00pmIndustrial Technology Institute
3.00pm - 3.10pmInformatics Institute of Technology
3.10pm - 3.20pmOcean University of Sri Lanka
3.20pm - 3.30pmIT Center University of Peradeniya

Forth Session

Time Institute
4.00pm - 4.30pmSLIATE Institutes
4.30pm - 4.40pmArthur C. Clerk Institute
4.40pm - 4.50pmIntroduction of new members and their Network updates
4.50pm - 5.30pmFuture Plans
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