Online Workshop on Enabling Federated SSO Login for Web based Applications

During past few months, LEARN Identity Access Federation has gathered a considerable amount of IDP's from LEARN members. But the number of connected Service Providers (SP) are very low. One of the main reasons for this low SP count would be the technical knowledge of SAML based Service Provider Installation and usage.

SAML SP enabled applications would allow any user with a federated identity to access the service using web based authentication and ultimately this can take all the different web based applications to have a Single Sign On mechanism within all institutes.

Therefore, this online workshop will look into the basics of SAML 2.0 SP and its integration on popular web based applications such as Wordpress or Moodle.

Also this may train participants to convert their in-house applications to SAML authentication and thereafter connecting them to their own IDP or to the LIAF. This will also allow any qualified application to become a SP in edugain community as well.

Venue: Online - Zoom
Duration: 3 days
Class size: 60
Target group: IDP admins, Programmers, System Analysts from LEARN member institutions (one who deals with the campus network IAM Infrastructure)
Program Level: Advanced
Course fee: free of charge
Date: 5th to 7th April 2021
Note: Each participant is required to utilize two pre-installed ubuntu servers with Public IP addressing and internet access. ( With at least 2GB RAM and 10GB HDD each). LEARN will not provide VM space. Therefore, participants should find space for these requirements from their own institutional infrastructure)

Important Dates

Online Registration Opening: 12th Mar 2021
Online Registration Closing: 28th Mar 2021
First Pre-workshop online meeting: 29th Mar 2021 at 10.00AM
Second Pre-workshop online meeting: 31th Mar 2021 at 10.00AM


  • Organizing Team:
    • LEARN Technical and Operational Teams

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