Installation of common CMS (Joomla/wordpress/drupal) and hardening

This session will focus on general installation of Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal in your vm’s.

Please refer the table for CMS details and install the required package for your vm. We will not provide you the guidelines on how to install them therefore, you might get online help from any source for the installation. Once the CMS is installed create some dummy pages including forms, pictures, ecommerce carts, etc.Save the VM for Vulnerability testing tomorrow.

Find the CMS type you have to install from here


  • Install LAMP on your vm’s
  • Assign IP addresses according to the table
  • Install required CMS package ( you may search the internet on how to)
  • If you are installing https stick with the self signed certificates as this is only for the lab session
  • Harden your server according to your existing knowledge and you may refer the internet guide and previous LEARN workshop tutorials
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