Moodle Administration Essentials Workshop - 2023

A 3-day on-premises, intensive workshop organized by LEARN in collaboration with EduNET.LK

This workshop aims to train the participants, starting from a fresh Moodle site, to set it up to suit their organization and also to take the responsibility to run the site as its site administrator.

This is an instructor-led, on-premises workshop with a heavy hands-on component. In three full days, totaling six sessions of 3 hour duration each, the participants will be guided through a series of short inputs and comprehensive hands-on exercises on practice Moodle sites.

Target Audience: Moodle LMS administrators of LEARN member institutions

Prerequisites for the participants:

The participants should be familiar with using Moodle either as a student or a teacher or both The workshop includes practical sessions providing hands-on work for the participants, and the participants must engage in and complete them. The participants need to bring their own laptops with wireless capability, running a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari in their latest versions.

Learning outcomes

  • The participants will be able to:
  • customize the site’s appearance to suit their institution
  • plan and implement the user authentication method(s)
  • plan and implement the course hierarchy to meet the needs of the curriculum and handle the end-of-year transition
  • plan and implement the enrolment method(s) of users in the courses, also streamlining the procedure through global groups
  • manage the courses: course backups, restore them when needed, archive the finished courses
  • extend Moodle through additional plug-ins
  • monitoring the site continuously


Unit 1. Organization. Introduction to Moodle. Authentication Methods

  • Getting organized in to groups, get super user access to your group Moodle
  • Background of Moodle and its architecture
  • Local authentication: Creating user accounts by the administrator. E-mail-based Self-registration. Bulk user upload. Possible remote authentication methods.

Unit 2. Course creation and management

  • Manual course creation. Course categories. Suitable models for universities
  • Course backup and restore
  • End-of-year roll-over

Unit 3. Roles and enrolments. Groups and cohorts

  • The different roles in standard Moodle, their function and scope
  • Manual enrolments and self-enrolments
  • Enhance the default model

Unit 4. Customize the look-and-feel of Moodle

  • The Moodle front page
  • Study a sample collection of themes and customizing them on the GUI
  • Further customizations through HTML and CSS

Unit 5. Extending Moodle through additional plug-ins

  • Moodle Mobile App
  • Find plug-ins in the Moodle developer database
  • Install some samples, test them

Unit 6. Reporting and health. Special topics. Wrap-up

  • System checks
  • How to monitor the health
  • Topics came up during the workshop

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