Workshop on Campus Wifi and Eduroam - 2024

"Campus Wifi" refers to a wireless network infrastructure implemented within educational institutions such as colleges, universities, and research institutes to provide internet connectivity across their premises. This network enables students, faculty, and staff to access online resources, educational materials, research databases, and communication platforms conveniently from various locations on campus. The Campus Wifi network typically requires users to authenticate their access, often through a username and password, ensuring security and regulating network usage. It plays a pivotal role in modern education, facilitating seamless collaboration, research, and communication within the academic community.

Eduroam, “education roaming" is a global roaming service that provides secure network access for students, researchers, and staff from participating institutions. With eduroam, users can access the internet securely and easily when visiting other member institutions worldwide using their home institution's credentials. It's widely used in academic and research settings, offering a convenient way for members of the educational community to stay connected while on the go.

In an eduroam-enabled Wifi infrastructure, EduID serves as the gateway to secure and seamless network access. EduID - education identity, acts as a unique identifier for users within the academic community. It allows individuals to authenticate themselves across participating institutions, granting them access to the network using their home institution's credentials. This streamlines authentication process ensures that students, faculty, and staff can connect to Wifi securely, whether they're on their own campus or visiting other educational institutions worldwide and whether they own credentials from their home institution.

The workshop on Campus wifi and Eduroam is to provide the knowledge for setting up of eduroam enabled Wifi infrastructure in the institutes. It includes introduction to “Education Roaming”, including campus identity management with LDAP, LDAP GUI,Wireless networking with Wireless LAN controllers/Access points, wireless security, Eduroam tools, eduroam governance and monitoring. The content of the workshop will be carefully narrowed down to suite the local campus networks, hence it can be directly applied to networks with confidence in mind while facilitating  technologies like eduid, federated identity management, etc to the end users.

Venue: IT Center, UoP
Duration: to be decided
Class size: to be decided
Target group: Senior network/systems engineers/managers/administrators and developers from the LEARN member institutes. (one who deals with the campus network)
Program Level: Advanced
Prerequisites: Advanced understanding of Linux command-line operations
Course fee: Free of charge
Dates: to be decided

Note: Participants are requested to have a laptop (minimum 8GB RAM and recommended 16GB, 50GB free disk space).

Important Dates

Call of Institutional Nominations Opening: to be decided
Call of Institutional Nominations Closing: to be decided
Selection announced: to be decided
Online Registration Opening: to be decided
Online Registration Closing: to be decided


  • Workshop Agenda
  • Instructors:
    • Senevi Herath, Senior Network and systems Manager,LEARN
    • Dhammika Lalantha, Senior Network Engineer, LEARN
    • Deepthi Gunasekara, Senior Network and Systems Engineer, LEARN
    • Tuwan Jaleel, Network and systems Engineer, LEARN
    • Gayan Bandara, Assistant Engineer, LEARN

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