SLACK Setup Example

Creating a Workspace to your Institute

  • If your Institute doesn't have a slack workspace and if you are the Network Admin, We suggest signing up for a Free account. Others can be added as members later.

  • Use your Official Email Account

  • Click Create a Workspace

  • Give your Institute's name and make sure below option box is ticked.

  • Type Monitoring, this will create a specific channel which can be later used for alerting

  • Add email addresses of your other colleagues.

  • Highly recommend to download the application.

  • Once completed, you will see Monitoring Channel

Creating APP

  • Create SLACK APP by giving an appopriate App Name, Select your workspace and by clicking Create App.

  • Select Incoming Webhooks

  • Activate Incoming Webhooks by making the switch to On

  • Create a new Webhook by clicking the button Add New Webhook to Workspace

  • Include Monitoring Channel to the Bot

  • Once the webhook is created, copy the url to be pasted on your NMS, but make sure to keep url values a secret. (You can use the sample content to check connectivity from your console)

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