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    883.      Select '''Email options'''
    994.      Change your settings according to following screen (Please type your details).
     10[[Image(emailsetup.png,30%,border=1, center)]]
     12* Alert Transport
     131.      Go to '''Alerts'''
     142.      Select '''Alert Transports'''
     153.      Click on '''Create Alert Transport'''
     16        a.      Type a Transport name as '''Testmail'''
     17        b.      Select transport type '''Mail'''
     18        c.      Default alert '''On'''
     19        d.      Email '''Your email Address'''
     20        e.      After creating click on '''Test Transport'''
     21[[Image(alerttransport.png,30%,border=1, center)]]
     22>Note: Please make sure to enable less secure apps if you are using '''Gmail''' related mail address.
     24>'''Enable less secure apps to access accounts'''
     25>1.     Sign in to your Google Admin console. ...
     26>2.     Click Security -> Basic settings. ...
     27>3.     Under Less secure apps, select Go to settings for less secure apps.
     28>4.     In the subwindow, select the Allow users to manage their access to the less secure apps radio button.
     30* Create Alert Rule
     311.      Go to '''Alert Rules'''
     322.      Create New alert Rule
     33        a.      Type a rule name
     34        b.      We will check whether a  device is up
     35                i.      Eg: devices.status=1
     36        c.      You can select the other properties
     37        d.      Select the device “Map to “ box
     38        e.      Tranport select the created email alert (Note: you can select email group also)
     39        f.      Save rule
     41[[Image(alertrule.png,30%,border=1, center)]]
     43If everything is ok , you will receive email from the defined time period.
     45[[Image(emailnotification.png,30%,border=1, center)]]