Setup Email transport in LibreNMS

Follow the below steps to configure emails.

  • Email setup
  1. Go to Global settings
  2. Select tab Alert settings
  3. Select Email options
  4. Change your settings according to following screen (Please type your details).

  • Alert Transport
  1. Go to Alerts
  2. Select Alert Transports
  3. Click on Create Alert Transport
    1. Type a Transport name as Testmail
    2. Select transport type Mail
    3. Default alert On
    4. Email Your email Address
    5. After creating click on Test Transport

Note: Please make sure to enable less secure apps if you are using Gmail related mail address.

Enable less secure apps to access accounts

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console. ...
  2. Click Security -> Basic settings. ...
  3. Under Less secure apps, select Go to settings for less secure apps.
  4. In the subwindow, select the Allow users to manage their access to the less secure apps radio button.
  • Create Alert Rule
  1. Go to Alert Rules
  2. Create New alert Rule
    1. Type a rule name
    2. We will check whether a device is up
      1. Eg: devices.status=1
    3. You can select the other properties
    4. Select the device “Map to “ box
    5. Tranport select the created email alert (Note: you can select email group also)
    6. Save rule

If everything is ok , you will receive email from the defined time period.

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