Training Workshop for NREN Engineers: Virtualization and Installation of On-Prem Video Conferencing Platform - 2023

With increasing remote work and remote collaboration, video conferencing has become an essential tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes. While there are many cloud-based video conferencing solutions available, some organizations prefer to keep their video conferencing platform on-premises for security or compliance reasons. However, setting up and managing an on-premises video conferencing platform can be a complex and challenging task.

That's where virtualization comes in. By virtualizing the on-premises video conferencing platform, organizations can simplify the installation and administration of the platform, while also improving its scalability, availability, and performance.

In this workshop, we'll start with linux fundamentals and exploring the basics of virtualization, including its benefits and the different types of virtualization. Then, we'll move on to the installation and administration of an on-premises video conferencing platform, covering topics such as deployment of meeting connectors (MMR and ZC)installation and their setup .

Venue: Physically at ITC, UoP
Duration: 5 days
Class size:
Target group: Network/Systems engineers/operators of data networking (one who deals with the campus network)
Program Level: Beginer
Course fee: free of charge
Date: 24th April 2023 to 28th April 2023

Note: Participants are requested to have a laptop or personal computer (8GB RAM, 25GB free disk space) with VirtualBox hypervisor installed.

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  • Management/Logistics Team:

Shashini Withanage, Secretary, LEARN

Gayani Herath, Finance Executive, LEARN

Milinda Gunasena, Manager Human Resources and Administration, LEARN

Wathsala Dayananda, Operations Manager, LEARN

Rashmee Gangodatenne, Finance Executive, LEARN

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