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     1= Deployment of IPv6 in a Campus Network =
     5'''Venue:''' Information Technology Center, University of Peradeniya [[br]]
     6'''Duration:''' 2 days [[br]]
     7'''Class size:''' 60 [[br]]
     8'''Target group:''' network administrators/engineers from LEARN member institutions (one who deals with the campus network) [[br]]
     9'''Program Level:''' !Intermediate/Advance [[br]]
     10'''Course fee:''' free of charge (one nights accommodation sharing basis, refreshment, lunch, dinner and break-first will be provided) [[br]]
     11'''Date:''' 22^nd^ and 23^rd^ May 2017 [[br]]
     12'''Note:'''  Participant are requested to bring a laptop (4GB RAM, 25GB free disk space) with !VirtualBox or any other suitable hypervisor installed [[br]]
     13'''Application closing:'''  closed [[br]]
     15== Workshop Goals ==
     17We started talking about IPv6 long ago, we have been talking years and we have participated in many IPv6 training/workshops and related events. Thus everybody know what IPv6 is, it uses, how does it work and how to implement it, but have you deployed IPv6 in your campus network?. Can your end users access services over IPv6?. If you haven't done it why?
     19In this workshop, lets get answers to above. Quickly then review basic of IPv6, its implementation details needed to deploy in a campus network and do hands on a virtual campus network (visualized based on Cisco devices).
     22== Workshop==
     24 * [wiki:ipv62017agenda Workshop Agenda]
     25 * Instructors:
     26       - [wiki:Senevih Senevi Herath], Network / System Manager, LEARN
     27       - [wiki:ThilinaP Thilina Pathirana], Assistance Network Manager, University of Keleniya
     28       - Dilum Samarasinghe, Network Engineer, LEARN
     29 * Organizing Team:
     30       - Rajeewa Abeygunarathna, Operations Manager, LEARN
     31       - Dinesh Gunawardana, LEARN
     32       - Viraji Kaushalya, LEARN
     33 * Participants:
     34       - [wiki:ipv62017participants List of Participants]