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Workshop on Network/ Systems Monitoring 2021

Time Schedule

Session 110.00AM to 12.00PM
Session 21.00PM to 3.00PM


TP - Thilina Pathirana, LEARN
DL - Dhammika Lalantha, LEARN
DG - Deepthi Gunesekara, LEARN
TJ - Tuwan Jaleel, LEARN

Program Line-up

Session Topic Instructor Presentation / Hands-On
Day 1 - 17th May, 2021
Welcome Message by Consulting CEO/LEARN (Prof. Roshan Ragel)
Opening Remarks by Consulting CTO/LEARN (Dr. Asitha Bandaranayaka)
Session 1.1 Overview of NSM and SNMP Basics TP,DL Overview Slides
Session 1.2 Device Configuration hands-on DL
Day 2 - 24th May, 2021
Session 2.1 LibreNMS Hands-on TP,TJ
Session 2.2 Icinga2 Hands-on TP,DG
Day 3 - 25th May, 2021
Session 3.1 Icinga2 Hands-On Cont. DG
Session 3.2 Alerts Hands-On TP
Online Feedback Form
Closing Remarks by Network Manager/ LEARN (Mr. Senevi Herath)

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